The publishing house

At Bleu Comète, we bring to life pieces that carry stories and emotions.
We work with passion to preserve and enhance artisanal know-how, passed down from generation to generation, through the creation of everyday objects and small pieces of furniture with timeless design.

Our vision

Bleu Comète is a French brand that produces objects and furniture designed for your daily life. We collaborate with talented artisans to offer you objects filled with emotion.

Our vision

At Bleu Comète, we believe that surrounding yourself with objects and furniture whose provenance we know but also the human being who thinks and makes behind them, allows you not only to make it your own but also to be able to tell and transmit a story to your loved one. round.
By choosing to adopt a piece from our collections, you contribute to preserving the ancestral French craftsmanship and know-how of our territories but also to supporting families of this craft and making it continue.

Our engagements


We offer a purchasing experience on a human scale, warm and personalized, highlighting people at the heart of everything. Each product is delivered with an inspiring personal note, reminding our customers that behind every object, no matter how simple, lives a human with valuable know-how. Any act of purchasing is a commitment to supporting our territory, our know-how and the families who make a living from it.
Bleu Comète invites its customers on a journey to the heart of nature, to savor the simple moments of life.


Bleu Comète is committed to preserving the beauty of nature by using sustainable materials and minimizing our impact on the environment. We favor eco-responsible manufacturing methods and support local artisans.


At Bleu Comète, our commitment to our customers goes far beyond the simple creation of exceptional objects. We believe in complete transparency of our production process, so you can have a clear understanding and complete confidence in what you are purchasing.
We reveal the origins of each material, the skillful hands that brought each piece to life, and the stories that accompany them.
Our transparency approach aims to offer you a unique purchasing experience, where trust and knowledge are at the heart of each acquisition you make at Bleu Comète. You can be sure that behind every item there is an authentic story and a sincere commitment to quality and craftsmanship.
Welcome to our world, where transparency illuminates every creation.