Our artisans

The men and women you discover here have hands of gold.
Passionate about their art and their material, they are people for whom we fell in love, both artisanal and human. All located in the Toulouse basin extended to the Pyrenees, they are the ambassadors of our territory and the pride of Bleu Comète.

  • Richard Fournier


    Company: Le Nouvel Atelier in L’Aiguillon (09)

    © Photo: Mesplié

  • Sophie De Marchi


    Company: Sophie de Marchi Céramique in Blagnac (31)

    © Photo: Maïda, Cygne Noir Photography

  • Jerome Capelle


    Company: Capelle brickworks in Grépiac (31)

  • Nicolas Dutouron


    Company: Nicolas Dutouron in Toulouse (31)

    © Photo: Jean Pellaprat

  • Thibaut Nussbaumer


    Company: Tipii Atelier in Toulouse (31)

    © Photo: Gabrielle Gayraud

Our designers

Every project is a journey from design to completion. Each object or piece of furniture is designed before coming to life. It is then the result of a craftsman - designer alchemy, made of a back and forth between intention, possibilities, production tools, feasibility, adjustments... for a design and realization just thought out with 4 hands, or even more!

Discover below the designers behind the objects and furniture from the Bleu Comète publishing house.

  • Emilie Cazin

    Designer and scenographer

    Founder of the publishing house Bleu Comète.

    Company: Emilie Cazin Design in Castanet-Tolosan (31)

  • Emilie Dechaud

    Designer and craftswoman

    Company: Emilie Dechaud Creation in Toulouse (31)

Are you a craftsman and would like to show us your know-how?